As twenty-first-century party promoters, we are committed to creating a space for celebration, curiosity, love for music, and freedom of expression. That means that everyone must feel welcome and included, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, body type, outfit, or lack thereof. We wish to create a place without hierarchies to the broadest extent possible. Sometimes this means taking a step back and checking your privilege. 

When you enter our space, you become part of a community, which comes with responsibility. Please read our awareness ambition, make it your own, and discuss it with your friends.

We are all part of co-creating this quest for a safer celebration. If you do not feel you can contribute, maybe this isn't a place for you.



Part of partying is also to meet new and old friends, lovers, or perhaps one-night-acquaintances. Only engage with consent. Consent must be a voluntary, enthusiastic, and clear agreement between two or more individuals. Please attend our parties with mutual respect and make sure that the people you want to engage with are also interested in engaging with you in dance, conversation, sex, consumption, or anything else. If you are in doubt - just ask.



Words matter. We do not want our space to be one for cis-hetero-misogyny, racism, ableism, fatphobia, or slut-shaming. If you are not familiar with these concepts, please educate yourself before entering. If you witness any of this at our party, speak up, and if a conflict cannot be solved, please contact our awareness team and let them assist.


Freedom of expression/Freedom from surveillance:

We want our space to be one for experimentation, norm critical expression, and freedom to be oneself. That means leaving photoing, videoing, and social media at home. Our society has surveillance enough. Besides - the dancefloor is a lot more fun without phones and flashes - don't be that person.


Substance consumption:

For a lot of people, partying includes mind-altering substances. Please consume responsibly and be aware of your surroundings. Don't hesitate to contact our awareness team if you have had too much or see someone who has; they are there for your safety and are capable of helping if needed.


Awareness team:

Our awareness team will be present at our events, and all our staff knows how to reach them if you cannot find them when needed.

Their mission is the wellbeing of all our guests and will represent your interests or those of the person affected in the event of a boundary violation or an assault. You will be introduced to them when you arrive at the venue.


We are always open for dialogue, and if you have experienced something before, during, or after one of the events that affect the community, we want to hear from you. We are a small team of committed people, so, unfortunately, we don't have the resources to know all personal conflicts, nor are we going to be able to solve all problems, but we will do our best.

This whole ambition is an ongoing journey. There are no ready-made solutions, and we are also committed to becoming aware of our blind spots, privileges, and mistakes. If you feel that we lack in our approach or have a suggestion on how to improve, you are welcome to get in touch.

You can contact us on awareness(at)

Please also read through our house rules.