Arriving at the event:

Guests under the age of 20 will not be allowed entry. We reserve the right to ask visitors to show their ID or a valid document as proof of age.

Our community and the values it represents are of great importance to us, so guests that are unaware of our principles may be denied entry at the door or expelled from our events.

Our awareness team is aware of the following things when greeting you at the door: weapons, drugs, liquids, and visible intoxication resulting in loud or aggressive behavior. Upon arrival, all guests must consent to be searched by our staff.

In case of a ticket pre-sale for special events, purchasing a ticket in advance does not guarantee admission.

Some of the reasons for not being allowed to enter with a ticket are mentioned above and below.
In case of not being admitted at the door, we will refund the ticket price.

We ask you kindly to respect the neighbors where we host our events.
Please keep in mind that not all of them participate in the party. Please help us keep the area around the space clean by using the trash cans available.

At the event:

Look out for your crew, friends, and teammates. If they feel uncomfortable or unwell, check their well-being, and inform our staff, who will locate the awareness team for you if necessary. We aim to be a friendly space where people help and respect each other in any situation.

Lighting effects and certain other conditions at the events can risk people with pre-conditions, such as epilepsy or other sensory issues. Please look out for one another and inform our staff in case of an emergency.

For the privacy and comfort of everyone at the events, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures or videos in the club. NO EXCEPTIONS. Not following this rule will result in an early trip home.

We ask you to keep your bright screens in your pockets on the dancefloor.

Please do not deface our premises or equipment (no tagging, no stickers).

After the event:

Lost & Found: We will keep your lost belongings for one month after the event. After that, we give it to charity.

We are not responsible for any lost items at the event or in the cloakroom. You can contact our Lost & Found by mail: contact(at)


Please also read through our awareness ambition.